Drumroll! Curtains!


  • This blog has a new home: www.pollockandgunn.com

  • The Pollocks are dead, long live The Pollocks!

              One record’s gone, another one’s on the way.  We’ll be transporting Pollock central to the back woods of Scottsville and getting down to business this fall.  This promises to be a new chapter in our saga, as we’ll be trying to capture the magic on dinosaur era tape and in a live environment.  Thomas […]

  • CD Release Party for “Life Of The Stars”

              It’s a Bloody Mary morning and I’m already on the wine… it’s Cd party day, yay!    There’s some Brazilian pop Samba music on the stereo; I’m undecided as to whether I love it, or never want to hear it again.  I imagine that it will get put into the “guilty pleasure” category.       […]

  • Like a virgin

         It’s another Monday morning and I’m feeling peachy.  It’s about time that I make my presence known amongst the wormholes of this brand new website and seeing as how The P’s have a new record coming out October 13th (that’s in less than two weeks, people!  Check out the rest of the website to find out […]