Status Report On Structural Integrity Of Non-Linear Derivatives

“Rise now, and drive your cart and plough over the bones of the dead!”

Old man winter is like, so dead, and we’re skip, skip skipping our way into another Spring sensation. The Pollocks are hard at work on our next album, “The Psychedelic South”, but we still have more than a few singles left in the lotion basket that we’ll be releasing during the coming year.
We’re also going to be playing a few more shows than we normally do, albeit in an acoustic, trio style (TG, JP, ML). We’ll be hitting the vineyards, breweries, brothels and restaurants this spring and summer, so keep your beady little eyes peeled for new dates. And of course, with few changes, we can be found every second Saturday of the month at the Batesville Market, our home away from home.
A co-conspirator here at Pollock headquarters is putting the long awaited final touches on a couple of videos that we made some time ago. The new songs, “HighLine” (about a weekend trip to the big apple) and “She Drank The Bottle, I Got The Worm” ( need more descriptives?) will be highlighted. Our first videos! Big time, kids, big time.
Lastly, don’t forget to visit the band’s download site (go to, or click on the “Buy Music” tab here on the website) to download free copies of our latest singles. You may also leave us a few pennies as a tip, which our stomachs thank you for, in advance.
Best of luck to you in these times of ours. Don’t forget, these are days worth living, these are days to survive. Love is alive.
To your journey! To my journey!

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  1. Josh Brothers 07/30/2018 at 7:43 am #

    What’s up from small town Indiana looking forward to listening to the album assuming the buying process goes better than leaving this comment. Looking forward to seeing more and hearing a couple songs in particular. Long time Seven Mary Three fan. Lyrical medicine. My dog’s name is geronimo.. it’s not really but trying not to regret….. Next dog for sure 100%

    Sidenote: white font on a white text box made this comment a real treat to type.

    Second side note: Reach out to me I’d love to be a resource in any facit I can and I would like to see if Jason is the enigma he seems to be.

    J.L. Brothers

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