Jason Pollock

Crosshaired and weather veined.  Shipwrecked mad, digging for fortune teller teeth.  Gorged on sand spells, crawled from last long hells, given green for ears wrung blue.  This Richelieu red feather, dipped deeply into you.  Now, you see there? Not just a purty face, hein? But enough about nothing, already… I’m one half of the Pollock songwriting juggernaut, and pick a little guitar when […]

Maryline Meyer-Pollock

  The belle of Batesville.  A native of the only country to speak a civilized tongue, Maryline has been slinging her brand of French Americana to hungry listeners from here to there, and for as long of a time.  She’s more than an incredible spectacle; she’s the fire behind the smile behind the glass.  She’s so hot that […]

Nathan West

Some like it hot, others like it smooth.  Soon to be cigar chomping Le Baron DeSpicy, Nathan is the arbiter of culinary passion here at Pollock central. His Mad Hatter hot sauce has reduced us to depraved junkies, lost in a habanero haze. Not only does he calm our withdrawal symptoms, he also beats crazy fire from a […]

Thomas Gunn

The better half of the band’s songwriting team, Thomas is the only “real” musician amongst us: he can read it, write it and talk it. Because of his prowess, the rest of us get to rest, have another cocktail, scratch an itch. His truly unique guitar style has whiffs of Peter Green in it, and […]

Randy Mendicino

The newest addition to the Pollocks dynasty, Randy plays a bass guitar like it’s plugged directly into his amygdala. In lizard speak, that mean he play good. And with lots of heart, and joy. After a period of stalking, and threatening the band, we forced our legal hand, but were eventually advised to give in […]